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The third edition of Vini, Birre, Ribelli (VBR) has taken place on 26 and 27 of November 2016.

As for the first two editions, this exhibition will be exclusively craft, sustainable, organic and mostly natural products. Bringing together in a single location the beer and wine’s alternative worlds and food that is good, clean and fair is definitively unique in Belgium.

In 2015, we welcomed 3200 visitors, a 100% increase, despite the terrorist attacks happening in Paris a week before the event. This year, we aim for 4500 visitors. (Let's see the pictures of 2015)! 

For this third edition, we will also innovate with several “premiere” :

1. Venue

The exhibition will take place at Garage Citroën Yser, a great opportunity as this splendid building was recently acquired by the city of Brussels to become the Museum of Contemporary Art in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou.

2. Exhibitors set a record

VBR will present 210 exhibitors (a 43% increase from 2015) :

  • 160 winemakers (+33%) of which 78 French, 76 Italian and 6 from other countries;

  • 25 brewers (+47%);

  • 13 Slow Food restaurants, with the collaboration of Slow Food France (+85%);

  • 12 ethical and other stands ( +100%)

3. Zero Waste

Vini Birre Ribelli will be the first exhibition in Belgium labelled as “zero waste”.

4. Slow Food event

For this third edition, Vini Birre Ribelli received officially the support from the international Slow Food organization.

5. GoodFood Brussels

VBR is also fully integrated into the strategy of GoodFood Brussels, launched by the Ministry of Environment in December 2015, and with whom it settled a partnership.

6. Two famous ambassadors

Two top-notch celebrities of the wine and beer planet have accepted to become the ambassadors of this 3rd edition: Eric Boschman, for wines and Lorenzo « Kuaska » Dabove for beers.

7. Charity with Viva for Life

For this third edition, we offer 1 euro per ticket sold to Viva for Life, a Belgian initiative for vulnerable children.  This will be completed by a special auction of +/- 200 bottles in four lots, led by Eric Boschman and Carlo Pascale.
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8. Lambic becomes Slow Food Presidia

This is of course the cherry on the cake : We will officially announce early afternoon on Saturday November 26th that spontaneously fermented Lambic is becoming the fourth Slow Food Presidia for Belgium, and the first beer (Info on
Many personalities from Slow Food International such as Piero Sardo as well as Belgian political representatives have been invited to celebrate this event with us.

You will find all the details necessary on this site which will continue to be filled during the following weeks.

If our event inspires to you and if you want to be partner of sponsor of it, thank you to quickly contact us at this address: patrick@vinibirreribelli.net

The Team of Vini, Birre, Ribelli 2016 :
Caroline Vermeulen, Enrico D'Ambrogio, Jean Hummler et Patrick Böttcher.

What the Press says about us :


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Who's who

Caroline Vermeulen 

Caroline Vermeulen comes from Belgium, is 43 years old and works since always in the cultural milieu.
She entertains herself from meetings which populate the universes of art and the contemporary dance.
Since 2007, she also takes part in the adventure of the Ormiale wines in France and Greece, since 2015.
Manager of the Dance Company ZOO/Thomas Hauert, she also joined in 2014 the asbl Vini, Birre Ribelli as administrator.

Culture of the vine and wine like culture ...


Enrico D'Ambrogio 

His secret dream hidden in a drawer is to open a wine-bar in Japan, the country which he likes. In a shorter future, his project is to plant olive-trees in the ground which left him his father in the Center of Italia. Today, when his work of political analyst for an Institution of UE let him free time, he takes it to visit natural producers in Italy, France, Germany and Slovenia.
Since 2009, once a month, he organizes in Brussels its “Fridays of the Wine” thanks to which he contributes to spread the culture of the wine of quality, obeying in that way the mission of communication that the regretted Dino Marchi entrusted to those, like Enrico, had obtained the Diploma of Sommelier from the Italian Association of the Sommeliers. And last but not least, Enrico follows now the courses of the ONAV (National Organization of the Wine Tasters)


Jean Hummler

Born in Alsace, Jean Hummler comes very young to settle in Brussels, and after having worked like employee in the bar “Moeder Lambic”, it begins, with the assistance of two friends, the establishment on his own account to impose on it its radical vision of the concept of artisan beer.
Unrepentant fan of the adventure of the Brewery Cantillon, his friendship with Jean Van Roy provided the foundations of the discovery of a unique world which gives to the beer its higher noble and popular letters.
With the opening of its second establishment, “Moeder Fontainas”, Jean Hummler proposes beloved and varied beers, in the manner of a sommelier.


Patrick Böttcher

Pharmacist of profession, Patrick Böttcher impassioned himself very early for the wines and the obviousness to have to find against industrial and formatted alive wines, natural wines produced by artisan wine growers stimulated him to create the www.vinslibres.net, blog which it has now been animated for 3 years and for which he organizes many tasting.

During the five last 5 years, his travels have made it discover the attractive world of Vini Naturali d' Italia for which he is impassioned, as well for the wines than for the human beings which are behind.

This passion leads him to join the project “Wines, Beers, Rebels!”